Newcomers seminar: “Direct air capture based on ionic liquids: from molecular design to process assessment”

Next April 26th at 12 noon we will hold a new session of the seminar for newcomers in the auditorium. The speaker will be Dr. Daniel Hospital Benito from Systems Analysis Unit.

Short Bio:

Daniel Hospital Benito is a postdoctoral researcher at the Systems Analysis Unit at IMDEA Energy Institute since January 2024. He holds a PhD in Applied Chemistry (2023), a MSc in Chemical Engineering (2018), and a BSc in Chemical Engineering (2016), all from Autonomous University of Madrid. His research has been focused on the design of novel CO2-capture processes based on ionic liquids by bridging material design through molecular modeling to process simulation.

Direct air capture based on ionic liquids: from molecular design to process assessment


Direct air capture (DAC) is a key CO2 removal technology to mitigate climate change that is attracting significant attention from academics and start-up companies, thus rapidly moving from the laboratory to pilot-scale demonstration and first-of-a-kind plant operation. In this context, there is a quest for the most suitable materials to remove CO2 from air at industrial scale, in which alkali hydoxides, amine-based sorbents and MOFs are the most investigated and applied commercially approaches. Ionic liquids (ILs), despite of their good performance in CO2 capture, have hardly be considered as promising candidates. In this seminar, I will explain you how connecting material design through molecular simulation to process modeling led to the first detailed process assessment that evaluated the feasibility of using ILs for DAC.

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Apr 26 2024


12:00 - 14:00

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