GENERA – International Energy and Environment Trade Fair

IMDEA Energy participates once again in the International Energy and Environment Fair GENERA, which will take place at IFEMA from February 7 to 9 with a series of thematic conferences that will feature presentations by researchers and representatives of the industrial sector to address the following topics:

New materials in hydrogen technology: fuel cells and electrolyzers. The conference focuses on the new materials being developed for proton exchange membranes and how they can have an impact on improving the performance of electrolyzers that produce green hydrogen and fuel cells that consume it to generate electricity. It will take the form of a round table discussion.

Photo(electro)catalytic technologies for the production of useful chemicals for industry or for the generation of solar fuels. The conference will present advances in the photo(electro)catalytic generation of green ammonia, the oxidation of water or waste to produce hydrogen and the reduction of CO2 to obtain synthesis gas (which can be used to generate fuels such as gasoline, diesel or kerosene), alcohols or plastic materials.

Digital twins to know and optimize the status and operation of batteries. The conference focuses on the application of digital twins in battery systems, analyzing their different advantages in monitoring, efficiency, safety or maintenance, among other areas. It also addresses the challenges identified and how research is trying to solve them, whose results can be applied by battery manufacturers, system integrators and also by end users such as automotive or industry.

Sustainability in the hydrogen sector. The conference focuses on the development of eco-design criteria in the fuel cell and hydrogen sector, supporting the entire hydrogen sector. It addresses the eco-(re)design of technologically mature products, such as a PEM fuel cell, as well as emerging ones, such as a solid oxide electrolyzer, in such a way that sustainable design criteria are incorporated from the early stages of product development.

The event is finished.


Feb 07 - 09 2024


08:00 - 18:00

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