IMDEA Energy Mentoring Programme

Promoting the development of talent

Mentoring is a methodology designed to develop the potential of people, based on the transfer of knowledge and learning through experience. In the process, a personal and trusting relationship is established between a mentor who guides, stimulates, challenges and encourages another, mentee, according to their needs to maximize talent.

The IMDEA ENERGY MENTORING PROGRAMME is aimed at supporting the center’s staff to support their skills and abilities, as well as their opportunities in the scientific, business and administration fields, among others.

– The first edition of the IMDEA ENERGÍA MENTORING PROGRAMME was in 2021 and the activity is held annually.

– The program counts on the network of accredited external mentors from the Mentoring School to accompany the mentees throughout the process.

– The process is individual and voluntary. Until now, young researchers from IMDEA Energy (mentees) have participated.

– Includes mentor-mentee sessions and group meetings.



Decision on the requirements of potential mentees.

Launching workshop to explain the program and gouls.

Confirmation of interest in participating in the program by the mentees.


Interviews with interested mentees to identify the most suitable mentor.

Selection of mentors.

Matching mentors – mentees to start the mentoring processes.


Mentors – mentees meetings begin.

Individual follow-up with mentors and mentees to evaluate the progress of the process, resolve doubts and support their promotion and good progress.


Mentors and mentees evaluate the results and identify learning and areas for improvement.