IMDEA Energy Training Activities

Focusing on professional development, innovation and continuous improvement through training

The IMDEA Energy training activities aim workers to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies, both technical and transversal, to effectively carry out their work and promote performance and professional growth.
The IMDEA Energy training activities include different lines of action. A large part of them are organized by the Training and Mobility Committee, by the Research Units and by the Human Resources and Communication Areas of the Foundation.
The scheduled dates of the training activities and the registration procedure will be communicated electronically to the target personnel in advance.
Technical training 

Whose objective is to acquire specific technical knowledge. Some examples of technical training carried out have been:

  • Labview management course. October 2023.
  • Course on Raman spectroscopy. May 2022.
  • Introduction to Matlab. June 2022.
  • Innovative methods for synthesis and characterization of nanoMOF. June 2022.
  • Introduction to electrochemistry. November 2022.
  • Practical course on LATEX. June 2021

For predoctoral, postdoctoral, assistant and senior researchers to carry out research stays in top-level international institutions. IMDEA Energy has its own calls for research stays, in addition to mobility opportunities linked to ongoing research projects and Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) within the Horizon Europe Program. Additionally, IMDEA Energy welcomes visiting researchers from foreign research centers.

Through this line of action, the Foundation is committed to training in different work environments, the generation of new ideas, as well as the personal and professional growth of its research staff.

Internal seminars

Aimed at scientific staff.

Seminars given by new hired postdoctoral researchers, senior or assistant research staff. They consist of 45-minute talks to present their research experience and work objectives at IMDEA Energy. These seminars are held monthly and are held on the last Friday of each month.

Seminars given by distinguished researchers, of recognized prestige at an international level. Below are some examples of seminars given by leading scientists during 2023:

Annual workshop of senior researchers in which the senior and assistant researchers from each IMDEA Energy research unit introduce their research to the rest of the center. This event is usually held in spring.

Annual workshop for young researchers whose objective is the presentation of their research work at IMDEA Energy to the rest of the center. This event is celebrated at the end of the year.

Training in transveral skills

Such as communication, leadership, teamwork skills, creativity or conflict management. All these aspects are necessary to achieve good results, as well as to promote a good work environment. Furthermore, training in generic topics such as, for example, industrial property, entrepreneurship or gender equality, are crucial to developing a successful professional career. Some of the transversal training activities carried out have been:

  • Research career options. May 2023.
  • Equality Plan. May 2023.
  • Entrepreneurship and technology transfer. June 2023.
  • Introduction to the qualities that make a great scientific leader. September 2023.
  • Training in European Data Protection Regulation. March 2023.
  • Guidance, collaboration and Team Building. May 2021.
Mentoring program

to promote talent development. It is aimed at supporting the center’s staff to reflect on their competencies and abilities, as well as their opportunities in the scientific, business and administration fields, among others. This activity is on an annual based and in 2021 the first edition of the IMDEA ENERGY MENTORING PROGRAM was launched.

Participation in scientific conferences and events

Which promote the professional development of research staff by practicing communication skills and exploring opportunities to establish relationships and contacts. Each research unit selects the conferences and events of greatest interest for its research area and decides its participation.