Newcomers Seminar

Next November 3rd at 12 we will hold a new session of the seminar for newcomers in the auditorium.

The first speaker will be Dr. Vanesa Muñoz, from the Electrochemical Processes Unit, with the talk entitled Advancing electrochemical liquid-phase flow reactors: diagnostics, engineering and modeling”.

The second one will be Dr.Vafa Feyzi, from the Systems Analysis Unit, with the talk “Sustainability Assessment of Advanced Technologies: From Processes to Energy Systems”.

Dr. Vanesa Muñoz Perales is a new postdoctoral researcher in the Electrochemical Processes Unit. Dr. Muñoz-Perales did her PhD degree in the Fluid Mechanics group with Prof. Marcos Vera at the University Carlos III of Madrid and in collaboration with the Electrochemical Materials and Systems group with Dr. Antoni Forner-Cuenca at Eindhoven University of Technology. Her research aims to bridge experimental and modeling approaches to study charge and ion mass transport within electrochemical flow cells. To date, she has focused on advancing the electrochemical flow cell architecture and operation of redox flow batteries through the engineering of specific porous electrode microstructures, flow distributors and modeling of the coupled cell multiphysics. Recently, Dr. Muñoz-Perales started to work with Dr. Rebeca Marcilla on membraneless and microfluidic aqueous redox flow batteries using alternative electrolyte concepts and reactor designs in the MICROBAT project. Check her website for more info! (

Dr. Vafa Feyzi has a PhD in chemical engineering with specialization in conceptual process design, process modeling, process intensification & optimization and techno-economic analysis. He has a background in simulation of processes in Aspen PLUS and Aspen HYSYS and conducting energy, exergy, economic, environmental and pinch analysis. Also, I had teaching duties as lecturer in several Iranian universities. Beside his experiences in academy, Feyzi has more than 3 years’ work experience in Energy and Chemical industries as senior process engineer consultant. He was responsible for performing process simulation and optimization, techno-economic analysis, process equipment sizing, and etc. for different Basic, FEED, Detailed and EPC projects. In system analysis unit of IMDEA energy institute he is focusing on hydrogen energy systems, mainly Solid Oxide Electrolysers and PEM fuel cells in context of several European projects. Here, he applies his knowledge in process modeling and techno-economic analysis and mix it with Life Cycle Thinking approach to evaluate life cycle sustainability of novel technologies in hydrogen energy systems from economical, environmental, social, criticality and circularity points of view.

The event is finished.


Nov 03 2023


12:00 - 13:00


Auditorio IMDEA Energía

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