ACMIBIO-DA: Microbial-oils production via anaerobic digestion: bioconversion of volatile fatty acids by oleaginous yeasts

Research project corresponding to the call 2017 and reference: ENE2017-86864-C2-2-R, within the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented Challenges of the Society under the National Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016 (Research Challenges 2017).

Anaerobic digestion is most probably one of the least complex technologies for energy production using biomass as feedstock. Even though biogas production has been widely studied, the production of carboxylates (VFAs) as platform molecules for microbial-oil production is envisaged as a new challenge.

ACMIBIO will demonstrate the potential for producing microbial oils for biodiesel production by proposing integrated and optimized bioprocesses devoted to the valorization of horticultural residues

Partners CIEMAT (Coordinator); IMDEA Energy Institute; Neol Biosolution; BIOPLAT; FIAB
Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness-AEI and FEDER funds/ Research Challenges 2017
Period: January 2018-DJune 2021
IP IMDEA Energy: Dr. Cristina González/Dr. Elia Tomás