BIOTRES-CM: Urban bioeconomy: transformation of bio-waste into biofuels and bioproducts of industrial interest

Program of R&D activities between research groups of “Comunidad de Madrid”, co-funded with the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund (Ref: S2018/EMT-4344).

Research programme BIOTRES will be focused on the integration of different advanced technologies (thermochemical, chemical and biological) for the processing of such urban biowastes into high value added bio based chemicals. Energy recovery through biogas production via anaerobic digestion will be a cross element of the research line, including partial conversion of the organic feedstock into biohydrogen. The successful implementation of urban biowaste recycling and valorisation technologies will require an integrated system based innovation approach aligned with the biorefinery concept. Special attention will be brought to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the entire urban biowaste value chain, participation of citizens towards the collection of this particular feedstock, and the social acceptance of urban biowaste derived products.

Partners: Rey Juan Carlos University (Coordinator); ICP-CSIC; Autonoma University of Madrid; CIEMAT; Lab 165; Lab 444
Funding Institution/Program: Comunidad de Madrid/Program of R&D activities between research groups in Technology 2018
Period: January 2019-April 2023
Principal researcher Lab 444: Dr. Juan Miguel Moreno