DI-PID: Design and optimisation of a continuous reactor for catalytic pyrolysis of biomass and production of high quality bio-oils

Call for grants for industrial doctorates 2017 of the Community of Madrid (Ref: IND2017/AMB-7660).

Society’s current interest in developing a more sustainable energy system, reducing the carbon footprint and moving towards a circular economy, is boosting interest in the development of advanced biofuels and the implementation of biorefineries.

This industrial PhD project aims to combine PID&Eng’s experience in engineering with the knowledge of IMDEA Energía’s Thermochemical Processes unit in the production of advanced biofuels to design, optimise and build a complete and compact prototype to obtain and catalytically refine pyrolysis bio-oils on a laboratory scale. The development of this system, which must combine flexibility in operating conditions with specific adaptations to the efficient processing of biomass, covers an obvious need for experimental research in the thermochemical production of biofuels and can provide an important boost to the development of this route for transforming waste biomass.

Participants: Process Integral Development & Tech; Institute IMDEA Energy.
Funding Entity/Programme: Community of Madrid/Industrial Doctorates 2017
Period of implementation: February 2018-August 2021
Principal Investigator: Francisco Artillo (Tutor: Dr. Juan Miguel Moreno)