LIFE Superbiodiesel: Production of advanced biodiesel from animal wastes using supercritical technologies

On June 2020, the LIFE Superbiodiesel project (Production of advanced biodiesel from animal wastes using supercritical technologies) started. The objective of this project is to demonstrate on a pilot scale a new technology for the transesterification of fats with methanol under supercritical conditions using new heterogeneous catalysts. The process allows greater flexibility in terms of the acidity of the source fats, the reduction or elimination of glycerine by-products, the reduction of the carbon footprint well above the objectives of the Renewable Energy Directive, and the reduction of polluted effluents from the process.

Participants: Asociación de Investigación de la Industria del Juguete, Conexas y Afines (AIJU, Coordinador), Compañía Española de Petróleos S.A. (CEPSA), Fundación IMDEA Energía, Instituto Tecnológico del Calzado y Conexas (INESCOP), Instituto de Tecnología Química – Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (UPV-CSIC), ORGANOVAC S.L., Universidad de Murcia
Funding institution/Program: This project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union, under grant agreement No. LIFE 19 CCM/ES/001189.
Call: LIFE 2019 for traditional projects / Sub-programme: Climate action / Priority area: LIFE Climate Change Mitigation.
Period: June 2020 – May 2023
Principal Investigator: Dr. José Luis Gálvez Martos