MADRIDPV2-CM: Materials, devices and technologies for the development of the photovoltaic industry

Program of R&D activities between research groups of “Comunidad de Madrid”, co-funded with the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund (Ref: S2018/EMT-4308).

The program responds to the challenges presented by the expansion of photovoltaic solar energy, such as obtaining more efficient cells and systems and energy storage.

Partners: Polytechnic University of Madrid (Coordinator); IMDEA Nanoscience Institute; Complutense University of Madrid; INM-CSIC; Lab 270; Lab 439
Funding Institution/Program: Comunidad de Madrid/Program of R&D activities between research groups in Technology 2018
Period: January 2019-April 2023
Principal researcher Lab 439: Dr. Patricia Horcajada