NITRO-D-CELL: New urea derivative-based electrolyzer

Research project corresponding to the call 2022 and reference PRH2CVAL4-C1-2022-0113, in the framework of the IDAE call within the incentive programs for the innovative value chain and knowledge of renewable hydrogen (incentive program 4), in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan – Funded by the European Union-NextGenerationEU.


Based on the advantages associated with the electrolysis of water and urea and with the aim of solving the problems associated with their electrolysis, the general objective of the project is to develop a new concept (proof of concept validated in the laboratory) of electrolyzer based on hydrogen rich nitrogen derivatives whose electrolysis is still unexplored, such as guanidine and thiourea. These derivatives have physicochemical and hydrogen supply characteristics superior to urea. NITRO-D-CELL aims at acquiring new knowledge to enable the electrolysis of these derivatives in electrolytic cells with nanostructured electrodes modified with different materials, to address the problems associated with electrode active site blockages, cell efficiencies and overpotential problems exhibited by urea electrolysis.

NITRO-D-CELL, aims to generate the first industrially viable electrolytic cell technology for hydrogen or direct energy generation using nitrogen derivatives as hydrogen carrier.

Partners: Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de La Mancha (GFM) (Coordinator); IMDEA Energy Institute

Funding Institution/Program: Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE) / European Union NextGenerationEU / PRTR / Incentive programs for the innovative value chain and knowledge of renewable hydrogen (incentive program 4)

Period: July 2023-July 2026

IMDEA Energy Institute external funding: 160.818,45 €

IP IMDEA Energy: Dr. Jesús Palma