TODENZE: Dendritic zeolites could boost catalytic and biomedical applications

Dendrites develop with a typical multi-branching, tree-like form in materials, largely affecting their physico-chemical properties. First synthesised in mesoporous silica nanoparticles, dendritic structures can now be found in other material formulations. The EU-funded TODENZE project will study dendritic zeolites, a class of synthetic materials that have so far received poor attention despite their huge scientific and industrial potential. Dendritic superstructures in zeolites could provide notable benefits in a wide range of fields. In particular, the project will explore the use of dendritic zeolites as catalysts for biomass valorisation and as nanocarriers for combined drug and gene therapies.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute (Spain)

Funding Institution/Program: EXCELLENT SCIENCE – European Research Council (ERC)

Call: ERC-2020-ADG

Type of action: Advanced Grant

Period: 01/09/2021 – 31/08/2026

IMDEA Energy Institute external funding:

Principal Investigator: David Serrano