PROMINT-CM: Smart Microgrids Programme for Community of Madrid

Program of R&D activities between research groups of “Comunidad de Madrid”, co-funded with the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund (Ref: S2018/EMT-4366).

PROMINT addresses the most important aspects of the deployment, management and optimization of urban electricity microgrids.

The objectives are:
1. Design, simulation and evaluation of communication architectures for electric microgrids with distributed resources.
2. Research of urban hybrid DC/AC electric grids.
3. Optimization of energy recuperation in railway electric networks and its use in urban microgrids.
4. Research on energy management systems in microgrids.
5. The application of Machine Learning techniques to microgrid management, car2grid control and energy management.
Partners: University of Alcalá (Coordinator); Carlos III University; Pontificia Comillas University of Madrid; IMDEA Energy Institute; Lab 169; Lab 368
Funding Institution/Program: Comunidad de Madrid/Program of R&D activities between research groups in Technology 2018
Period: January 2019-April 2023
Principal researcher: Dr. Milan Prodanovic