RITSE: Reduced Inertia Transient Stability Enhancement

A research project funded by Red Eléctrica de España in its Grid 2030 call. The project addresses the challenges of decarbonisation of electricity sector and future reduction of conventional power plants. It is executed in collaboration with SuperGrid Institute from Lyon, France.


  • Control of HVDC links for transient stability improvement
  • Improve control of power converters used for battery system integration
  • Propose algorithms for integrated management of distributed storage systems
  • Improve voltage and frequency stability of power networks through coordinated management of HVDC links and battery storage.
Participants: IMDEA Energy Institute; Supergrid Institute and REE
Funding institution/Programme: Red Eléctrica de España / Grid 2030 programme, 2018
Project duration: January 2019 – December 2020
IP IMDEA Energy: Dr. Milan Prodanovic