SOLARCHEM 5.0: Towards Digital Transition in Solar Chemistry (SolarChem 5.0): AI-assisted robotized platform for the development of efficient photoelectrodes

Research project corresponding to the call 2021 and reference: TED2021-130173B-C41, within the State Program to Promote Scientific-Technical Research and its Transfer (Strategic Projects Oriented to Ecological Transition and Digital Transition).

Solar chemical technologies will radically alter the existing models of industrial production and energy transformation and storage. However, the needed scale is in sight but not yet reached due to the lack of available technologies that are scalable, low-cost, and highly performance. SolarChem 5.0 aims to contribute to the industry 5.0, laying the foundation of the synergy between ecological transition and digital transformation in the framework of Solar Chemistry.

The subproject 1 will be develop at IMDEA Energy and it will be focused on the development of automatized orchestrated synthesis, characterization and screening of photoactive materials to produce efficient and stable photoelectrodes. The use of advanced characterization techniques based synchrotron radiation in combination with modeling will allow to understand the reaction mechanism and to improve the efficiency and stability of photoelectrodes.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute (Coordinator); University of Girona; PSA-CIEMAT; Technical University of Madrid

Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Science and Innovation – European Union NextGenerationEU – PRTR / Strategic Projects Oriented to Ecological Transition and Digital Transition

Period: December 2022-November 2024

IMDEA Energy Institute external funding: 203.550 €

IP: Dr. Víctor de la Peña / Dr. Marta Liras