SOLPAC: Solar fuels production in wide-spectrum photoactivated catalytic devices

Research project corresponding to the call 2017 and reference: ENE2017-89170-R, within the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented Challenges of the Society under the National Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation 2013-2016 (Research Challenges 2017).

-The synthesis of co-catalyst/catalyst systems and their implementation as photocatalyst in PEC cells for water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction using water as electron donor.
– The development of suitable photon UC systems to power the use of highly stable, strongly reducing wide-band-gap photocatalysts such as metal oxides.
– The assembly of efficient UC-powered photoactivated catalytic devices able to work under visible-light and bias-free conditions.
Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute; Repsol
Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness-AEI and FEDER funds/ Research Challenges 2017
Period: January 2018-December 2020
IPs IMDEA Energy: Dr. Fernando Fresno/Dr. Mariam Barawi