SUSBAT: Computer-aided macromolecular design of redox-active polymers: promising paradigm for sustainable battery research and development

Research project corresponding to the call 2018 and reference: RTI2018-101049-B-I00, within the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented Challenges of the Society (Research Challenges 2018).

In this project, we aim to develop next-generation high-performance organic Li-ion, post-Li-ion, all-polymer and redox-flow technologies based on four key criteria: safe, sustainable, smart and stable (4S) by adapting a synergistic experimental-computational approach. The proposed methodology includes an integrated approach of computer-guided smart material design; macromolecular engineering of RAPs, featuring wide range of redox potentials and capacities, with tunable functionality, topology, composition and microstructure obtained via controlled radical polymerization and cross-coupling reactions.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute
Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities-AEI/FEDER/Research Challenges 2018
Period: January 2019-June 2022
IPs IMDEA Energy: Dr. Rebeca Marcilla / Dr. Andreas Mavrantonakis