Technological Offer

Sustainability assessment studies of energy systems


Performance of advanced studies to assess and benchmark the sustainability of a specific energy system in terms of technical, economic, environmental and social indicators using life-cycle approaches (alone or in combination with other methodologies).

Advanced sustainability assessment of energy systems from a life-cycle perspective, which can include:

  • Environmental life cycle assessment (estimation of carbon footprints, energy footprints, etc.).
  • Life cycle costing (including estimation of external costs).
  • Eco-efficiency assessment according to ISO 14045:2012.
  • Social life cycle assessment of products.
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment, and potential use of multi-criteria decision analysis tools.

Advantages and Innovations

Use of state-of-the-art approaches to sustainability assessment of energy systems.

Availability of original life-cycle models and calculation tools.

Vast background in life cycle assessment of energy systems, which may allow benchmarking studies.

Market Applications

Environmental, economic and social life cycle assessment of any energy system, including joint sustainability assessment and benchmarking.


Félix Marín, 

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