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  • 1. P. Leung, T. Martin, Q. Xu, C. Flox, M.R. Mohamad, J. Palma, A. Rodchanarowan, X. Zhu, W.W. Xing., A.A. Shah
    “A new aqueous all-organic flow battery with high cell voltage in acidic electrolytes"
    Journal: Applied Energy, Volume 282, Part A, 15 January 2021, 116058.
  • 2. Nagaraj Patil*, Andreas Mavrandonakis, Christine Jérôme, Christophe Detrembleur, Nerea Casado, David Mecerreyes, Jesus Palma, and Rebeca Marcilla*
    “High-Performance All-Organic Aqueous Battery Based on Poly(imide) Anode and Poly(catechol) Cathode"
    Journal: Journal Materials Chemistry A. 2021, 9, 505 - 514.
  • 3. Julio J.Lado, Vincenzo Cartolano, Enrique García-Quismondo, Guzmán García, Ignacio Almonacid, Vincenzo Senatore, Vincenzo Naddeo, Jesús Palma, Marc A. Anderson
    “Performance analysis of a capacitive deionization stack for brackish water desalination"
    Journal: Desalination 2021, 501, 114912. 
  • 4. Paula Navalpotro, Elizabeth Castillo-Martínez y Javier Carretero-González
    “Sustainable materials for off-grid battery applications: advances, challenges and prospects
    Journal: Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2021, Advance Article
  • 5. Liu, L., Zhao, C., Zheng, F., Deng, D., Anderson, M. A., and Wang, Y. T 
    “Three-dimensional electrode design with conductive fibers and ordered macropores for enhanced capacitive deionization performance"
    Journal: Desalination, 498, 114794, 2021.
  • 6. Nagaraj Patil and Rebeca Marcilla
    Book - “Redox Polymers for Energy and Nanomedicine"
    Chapter title: "Chapter 7. Catechol Containing Polymers for Electrochemical Energy Storage"
    Royal Society of Chemistry, 245 - 287, 2021 ,ISBN:978-1-78801-871-5.
  • 7. Edgar Ventosa; Massimo Guarnieri, Andrea Trovò, Cristina Flox; Rebeca Marcilla; Francesca Soavi, Petr Mazur; Estibaliz Aranzabe; Raquel Ferret
    “Redox flow batteries: Status and perspective towards sustainable stationary energy storage”
    Journal: Journal of Power Sources. 2021, 481, 228804.