We are seeking 12 highly motivated doctoral candidates eager to undertake one of the 12 research projects we are offering in the field of biotechnology and systems analysis for applications in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) under the Horizon Europe MSCA-Doctoral Network (DN) YAF – “Yeast-based solutions for sustainable Aviation Fuels”.

Positions offered
  • DC1 – SAF intermediates production (FA) from short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) (IMDEA Energy, Spain)
  • DC2 – SAF intermediates production from sugars (CIEMAT, Spain)
  • DC3 – A highly multiplexed CRISPR platform for the production of SAF in Y. lipolytica (Imperial College London, UK)
  • DC4 – Design of improved SAF blends using synthetic microbial communities and division of labour (Imperial College London, UK)
  • DC5 – SAF production from residues with newly obtained R. toruloide (TUT, Estonia)
  • DC6 – Advancing Debaryomyces hansenii for production of SAF precursors from algal biomass in open fermentations (DTU, Denmark)
  • DC7 – Direct selective catalytic conversion of FA/terpenes to SAF (ABO, Finland)
  • DC8 – Cascade platform conversion of waste-derived-FA into SAF by one-pot catalytic reaction (CEPSA, Spain)
  • DC9 – Production of SAF precursors at industrial relevant environment: Sustainable recovery and downstream processes (BBEPP, Belgium)
  • DC10 – Modelling, optimization and sustainability assessment of alternative systems for SAF production from waste (IME, Spain)
  • DC11 – Protein design towards SAF production for R. toruloides (TUT, Estonia)
  • DC12 –High-thorughput Adaptive Laboratory Evolution for identification and further optimization of alternative yeasts for lipid precursors accumulation using saline residues containing SCFAs and methanol (DTU, Denmark)
More information

For any questions please send an email to info@yaf-project.eu

Application process

The application process will start on 1st of February 2024 and will end on 29th February (23:59, Europe/Brussels).