Technological Offer

Electrochemical battery for a sustainable circular model based on recyclable electrodes


IMDEA Energy has developed a concept of a battery assembled with semi-solid injectable electrodes to facilitate the recycling of active materials and reuse the passive battery components.

The injectable battery concept, is an electrochemical battery characterized by electrodes that are not fixed on a current collector but injected as a semi-solid material that enable direct recovery of active materials by dejection of the flowable electrodes from the cell. In conventional batteries crushing is needed for an adequate recycling process. However, the advanced injectable concept developed by IMDEA Energy and University of Burgos allows a practical reuse of all the passive components and a simple replacing process of the electrode materials.

Advantages and innovations

The procedure enables to reuse all the passive elements of the cell, e.g. current collectors, separators, casing, simplifying in this way the recycling process by eliminating several steps. The reuse of the battery cells also leads to significant reductions in the battery cost as well.

Aplicaciones Comerciales

Cells manufacturers. This technology has great potential in cells fabrication industry as it enables the manufacture of cells at low cost and with an easy process of filling the flowable active material.

Materials recyclers. The technology can be of interest in recycling industry to adjust to satisfy the environmental requirements for batteries disposal.


Félix Marín,