Imdea Energy hosted the Symposium on Materials for Emerging Energy Technologies on 19 and 20 May.

The aim of this meeting was to provide an overview of the design and synthesis of new materials for emerging energy technologies.

These materials are being developed in the LIGHT-CAPEPISTOREELECTRO-INTRUSION and HYSOLCHEM projects, and are part of innovative systems focusing on energy storage and conversion technologies, fuel energy storage and conversion technologies, solar fuel and energy harvesting technologies.

Thus, issues such as the broadening of concepts to address the challenge of solar fuels and the electrification of chemical production, the use of multifunctional photoelectrodes for the generation of solar fuels, Raman spectroscopy, nanomaterials for electrodes and light-driven electrolytes have been addressed, development of liquid and electrochemical cells, nanoionic materials, and the use of electrochemical cells for solar fuel generation have been addressed, ion exchange materials and membranes, or synthesis and characterisation of nanoporous materials for triboelectric intrusion-extrusion nanogenerators, among others.