Institute IMDEA Energy has reached 1000 publications in the SCOPUS database, with a total of 162 registered authors.

Of the total number of publications, 425 belong to the ‘Energy’ branch, 350 to ‘Chemistry’, 298 to ‘Chemical Engineering’, 278 to ‘Engineering’, 220 to ‘Environmental Sciences’, 202 to ‘Materials Science’, 107 to ‘Physics and Astronomy’, 66 to ‘Biochemistry and Genetics’, 43 to ‘Mathematics’, 35 to ‘Computer Science’ and the rest are distributed to a lesser extent in categories such as Business Management, Immunology, Agriculture, Pharmacology, Medicine or Neuroscience.

In addition, according to the SCIVAL index, IMDEA Energy has 83 percent of publications in journals in the first quartile, 61 percent of articles in journals in the first decile, 48 percent in international collaborations and a normalized citation impact factor of 1.77.