On July 19th, IMDEA Energy hosted a visit of managers and technicians from the Malian company Africa Green H2 Partners, S.A., AGH2, together with experts from the consulting firms Interface and Seam and from the Carlos III University of Madrid, UC3M. The objective of the visit was to explore the opportunities for collaboration in projects that facilitate the transition towards green hydrogen, ammonia and fertilizers given the company’s position in the value chain of the energy, transport, fertilizer and agriculture of intensive crops such as cotton with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable economic development, considering local economies as well as the decarbonization of the energy sector in the countries of West Africa and the Sahel in which it operates: Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinean.

The attendees showed interest in being part of the network of stakeholders of the Horizon Europe R&D project Just-Green AFRH2ICA, in which IMDEA Energy participates as a partner and also in signing a Memorandum of Understanding as a preliminary stage to carry out energy modelling, in which the Systems Analysis Unit has extensive experience due to its work in various geographical areas and for different energy technologies, as well as, for the proposal of joint research projects.