The Technical Committee of the Madrid+Circular Innovation Hub met at IMDEA Energía on September 14 to follow up on the progress of the different scientific tasks planned. During the meeting, representatives of the teams from Repsol (Rosa Parrilla, Sheyla Carrasco and Aitor Romero), Ariema (Enrique Girón, Javier Ángel Otero and Nicolás Alonso), Evoenzyme (Javier Viña), Seenso Renoval (José Ignacio Ajona) and IMDEA Energía (David Serrano, Manuel Romero, Javier Dufour, Javier Dufour, Javier Dufour, Javier Dufour and Nicolás Alonso), Manuel Romero, Javier Dufour, Jennifer Cueto and Félix Marín) shared their progress in the different tasks planned to develop the technologies that allow the use of all types of waste (urban waste, used plastics, different types of oils, . …) as raw materials to produce sustainable materials and fuels with the integration of renewable energy sources, as well as the strategies for the protection of industrial property and scientific publications resulting from the work carried out.

The conclusions obtained will serve as a contribution to the monitoring of the project by the Community of Madrid and will highlight both innovation and the use of the circular economy as a tool to achieve a more efficient and sustainable management through the use of waste as raw material, allowing its revaluation in high added value products with a lower carbon footprint and reducing the amount that ends up in a landfill.

The meeting was followed by a tour of the Institute’s laboratories, pilot plants and scientific facilities where the various materials synthesis and testing, flow battery energy storage and solar generation activities are carried out.