On January 2nd, IMDEA Energy received a visit of the Head of Unit Relations with Member States and Neighbourhood, Yolanda García, and the Policy Officer, Carlos Maravall, from the General Directorate of Energy of the European Commission, DG Energy EC. The meeting made it possible to present the advances, results and technologies developed in different lines of research at the IMDEA Energy Institute and to explore opportunities for application or industrial exploitation.

Attendees showed special interest in the options to decarbonize the industrial sector through solar concentration technologies, particularly in cases where higher temperatures are required, such as the manufacture of cement, ceramic materials or glass, the metallurgical industry or the processes of minerals calcination, the development of both thermal and electrochemical storage solutions with batteries or supercapacitors of different chemistries, technologies to make electrical grids more efficient while improving their stability and managing the demand, as well as, the valorization of different types of waste (plastics, batteries, urban rubbish, etc.) and the production of sustainable fuels applied to sectors that are difficult to electrify such as aviation.

After a lively debate on specific opportunities for cooperation with industry and the business sector for the decarbonization of the European economy, a visit was made to the laboratories and pilot plants of the Institute.