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Unit of photoactivated processes

Dr. Víctor A. de la Peña

Senior Researcher & Head of Unit


Dr. Laura Collado

Senior Assistant Researcher 


Dr. Marta Liras

Senior Researcher



Dr. Miguel García

Senior Assistant Researcher 


Dr. Mariam Barawi

Senior Assistant Researcher


Dr. Freddy Oropeza

Senior Assistant Researcher


Our main objective is the development of technologies that enable the efficient and intelligent harvesting of light to carry out photo-activated processes aimed at the production of sustainable fuels and other applications of energy and environmental interest.

Research lines 

  • Development of photoactivated processes for energy and environment: solar fuels production by artificial photosynthesis (including CO2 photoreduction and H2 production from H2 O and biomass-derived products), NOx and VOCs remediation.
  • Design and synthesis of multifunctional materials: inorganic, organic and hybrid thereof.
  • Full-spectrum light harvesting technologies for electron transfer processes.
  • Combination of advanced characterisation and theoretical calculation for fundamental studies of reaction mechanisms.
  • Photoreactors and devices (photocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic) for energy and environmental applications.
  • Smart window devices based on electrochromic materials and semiconductor nanocrystals with Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR).


The Photoactivated Processes Unit has laboratory facilities for the characterisation of materials, reactors or other specific tools and equipment, such as an XPS system that allows in situ characterisation of photocatalytic processes.

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