On June 7th, 2023, the IMDEA Energy Institute organizes the Session on Energy Storage, needs, developments and funding possibilities with the Eureka program. Experts from the Centre for the Development of Technology and Innovation of Spain, CDTI, the Spanish Technological Platform for Innovation and Energy Storage, Batteryplat, and the companies Iberdrola, Acciona Energía, Power Electronics, TSK and Arraela will participate to discuss and answer questions from attendees about storage needs and how meeting them is being addressed in the grids to facilitate the deployment of generation from renewable sources, provide flexibility and security to the electrical system and achieve lower energy prices, as well as the most recent advances and innovations, the experience acquired in engineering and management with different storage technologies, the integration of batteries into generation and consumption systems, the projects of battery gigafactories, etc., to end presenting the financing opportunities offered by the international call Eureka for R&D projects in collaboration with entities from countries such as: Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Germany or Turkey.

Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Smart energy integration lab (grid plant), showing a demo, the battery and supercapacitor testing plant and a laboratory.

The event is aimed at the industry related to energy generation and distribution, plant engineering and control, the production and use of batteries and other storage systems, technology and centers, universities and public entities.

Registration here. Deadline June 1st.