Africa has a unique potential to exploit low cost renewable energy to produce Green hydrogen for domestic and external markets. Green Hydrogen could become indeed the booster of a sustainable development of the continent, enabling African countries to reduce their environmental impact as well as to make them less dependent to fossil fuels which can create geopolitical issues too. African green hydrogen development could be helpful for European hydrogen transition, that’s why it’s important that both EU and AU hydrogen policies and development roadmaps are conceived in a cross-fertilizing way. At this purpose 11 partners from African and European countries are sharing their key-knowhow in Hydrogen Economy and Technologies, to assess how to make EU and AU hydrogen transition smoother and mutual beneficial, promoting a JUST green hydrogen transition that would be sustainable and viable from a technical, social, economic and
environmental point of view.

On 14th February the Kick-off meeting of the project boosted the strong commitment of the Consortium while on 15th February the project started its path with its precious and paramount stakeholders.

The Launching event highlighted the goals of our project also in the second session in the afternoon where all the participants had the opportunity to share their expertise and ideas. Thanks to the precious participation of multidisciplinary experts also from Africa, many similarities on how to promote green hydrogen in EU and AU were highlighted. This important project approach brings to light also the unique strengths and weaknesses of both the two continents. The collaboration in this field is extremely important and our project contributes to improve it.

The event was a real success also thanks to the precious support received from Clean Hydrogen Partnership and Hydrogen Europe.