On July 4, 2022 IMDEA Energy hosted the meeting of the “Collaboration with Companies and Technology Transfer” team of the IMDEA Institutes network (Water, Food, Energy, Materials, Nanoscience, Networks and Software) together with a representative of the Madri+d Knowledge Foundation with the aim of sharing experiences in the creation of Technology Based Companies, EBTs or spin-offs and working with them with the ultimate goal of designing and agreeing on a protocol to create Spin-offs at IMDEA that will allow to foster the transfer of research results to the market through this type of companies.

It was agreed to prepare a draft programme document for the acceleration and launching of Technology Based Companies at IMDEAs to facilitate technology scouting and fundraising, as well as to study funding opportunities for the proposed programme from the Regional Plan, European programmes, etc. An invitation was also extended to the session on the relationship between scientists and investors to be held on 19 September at IMDEA Energía.

The meeting was preceded by a technical visit to some of IMDEA Energía’s research facilities such as the photoactivated processes laboratory, the SEIL electrical grids facility, the photobioreactor, thermochemical processes and EDTL electrochemical devices pilot plants, the solar simulator and the solar field. The researchers responsible for each of these experimental facilities showed them to the attendees, making reference to the projects currently being developed in them, as well as the achievements obtained in terms of research and