Institute IMDEA Energy has participated in the event “Decarbonization and Engineering: forced to understand each other” organized by the Smart-E2 Chair focused on energy efficiency, emerging technologies and advances in topics such as energy audits, building refurbishment, renewable energy integration, smart grids, sustainable transport and energy efficiency technologies. The event, held at the Móstoles Campus of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, URJC, on October 18, brought together students and graduates of engineering degrees who work in different companies to learn about the initiatives and experiences in decarbonization projects presented by representatives of companies such as Ferrovial Energy Solutions, Acciona Energía, Gen0 and Liken Carbon Hub, as well as the IMDEA Energy Institute.

Félix Marín, Head of Development and Technology Transfer at IMDEA Energy gave a presentation that aroused the interest of the attendees who participated in the subsequent debate due to the topicality and impact of the projects presented:

  • Prometeo, production of green hydrogen through heat and solar energy in high temperature solid oxide electrolyzers, integrating solar photovoltaic, concentrating solar, thermal storage, hydrogen generation and its use in the chemical industry, for electricity generation and injection into the gas grid.
  • Sharp-sCO2, to increase the efficiencies and temperatures of current solar thermal power plants using air as the thermal fluid, which is cheap, accessible, non-polluting and has no working temperature limitations, and a Brayton cycle with supercritical CO2 to achieve nominal efficiencies of around 50%, higher than those of water/Rankine steam in much smaller sCO2 turbines for the same thermal power, allowing modular systems or even placing turbines at the top of the tower.
  • The generation of solar clinker for the cement industry, sharing the information published by the companies with which we are collaborating in the following project
  • Sol-Future and Nova-CO2 on photochemical technologies for the valorization of CO2 and its transformation into useful products for industry or for use as fuels (H2, CH4, C2+, NH3).