SOLARFLESS: Flexible and autonomous operation of photovoltaic SOLAR power plants by using Hybrid FLow-battery-based Energy Storage Systems

Research project corresponding to the call 2021 and reference: TED2021-132854A-I00, within the State Program to Promote Scientific-Technical Research and its Transfer (Strategic Projects Oriented to Ecological Transition and Digital Transition).

Redox-flow batteries (RFBs) have been identified by the European Commission as a key technology for stationary applications in power systems since they can withstand a very large number of cycles and their main component (the electrolyte) can be reused almost indefinitely (thus achieving an excellent life cycle). However, their performance is not as good as that of Li-ion batteries, so they should be used together with other energy storage technologies for providing the required grid services, as a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS). The design, operation and control of PV power plants including a HESS based on RFBs has not been well explored yet, are essential for the ecologic transition and require more research efforts.

In the SOLARFLESS project, a HESS based on a RFB is proposed to provide additional flexibility to a PV solar power plant. First, the design of a PV plant with RFBs will be studied. Then, a controller that takes into consideration the RFB, the PV generators and other ESSs in an optimal way will be developed and simulated. In order to achieve these objectives, the RFB will be modelled in detail. Finally, the theoretical developments will be validated by simulation, and in a laboratory.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute

Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Science and Innovation – European Union NextGenerationEU – PRTR / Strategic Projects Oriented to Ecological Transition and Digital Transition

Period: December 2022-November 2024

IMDEA Energy Institute external funding: 137.885 €

IP: Dr. Javier Roldán