BAILEM: Modelización y reformulación de baterías para dispositivos de iluminación de emergencia

Call for aid for the completion of industrial doctorates 2019 of the Community of Madrid (Ref: IND2019/AMB-17189).

Emergency luminaires within the lighting sector has become a key factor in improving the manageability of the evacuation of buildings, allowing occupants to be moved safely to evacuation routes in relatively long periods of time. However, although the luminaires have incorporated technological developments that have allowed to improve their implementation and enhance their functionalities (such as LED technology, and tailored microelectronics), in terms of battery performance, no specific developments oriented to improve their performance and duration have been made, instead usually the existing commercial batteries available in the market have been installed.

In consequence, the main objective of this thesis is the investigation in lithium-ion batteries for application in emergency luminaires.

Partners: Electrozemper; IMDEA Energy Institute
Funding Institution/Program: Comunidad de Madrid/Industrial Doctorates 2019
Period: January 2020-January 2023
Principal researcher: Jesús Medina (Tutor: Dr. Jesús Palma)