BEST-MODA: Battery Energy Storage Digital Twin – Models and Data

Research project corresponding to the call 2021 and reference: TED2021-131777B-C21, within the State Program to Promote Scientific-Technical Research and its Transfer (Strategic Projects Oriented to Ecological Transition and Digital Transition).

Decarbonisation of the energy system has been identified as the main objective to reduce the negative effects of climate change. In parallel, the latest trend in industry is to use the digitalization in the product conceptualization, prototyping, testing and design phases as well as in its operation. An ultimate objective is to apply it throughout the whole product life cycle and even beyond. The fact that we have an availability of real-time measurement data, opens up new opportunities for monitoring and improvement the product operation throughout its life cycle, and improve decisions during its design. The main driver for this new design and maintenance paradigm is the Digital Twin technology.

The main objective of BEST is to develop a high fidelity Digital Twin for battery systems of different technologies that improves battery management, resulting in increased energy efficiency and high performance battery characteristics in final applications. Subproject 1 (BEST-MODA) is mostly oriented towards specific challenges of the ecological transition, while subproject 2 is mainly addressed to digital transition challenges necessary to support the technology solution proposed in subproject 1 for the ecological transition.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute (Coordinator); University of Alcala

Funding Institution/Program: Ministry of Science and Innovation – European Union NextGenerationEU – PRTR / Strategic Projects Oriented to Ecological Transition and Digital Transition

Period: December 2022-November 2024

IMDEA Energy Institute external funding: 184.000 €

IP: Dr. Jesús Palma / Dr. Milan Prodanovic