NHyMPha: Nano-Structured Hybrid Materials for Solar Fuels Photoelectrocatalytic

Research project corresponding to the call 2019 and reference: PID2019-106315RB-I00, within the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation Oriented Challenges of the Society (Research Challenges 2019).

The main aim of NHyMPHa project is the photoelectro-reduction of CO2 to produce solar fuels. This project proposes a holistic and innovative strategy based on the development of new multifunctional hybrid materials that improve the current performance of the AP, contributing, at the same time, to the understanding of the fundamental aspects of the process. Hybrid materials included either the sum of inorganic semiconductors (mainly metal oxides) and porous polymer networks, including CPPs (Conjugated Porous Polymers) and COFs (Covalent Organic Farameworks), or MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks) as type hybrids. To carry out this project is mandatory to prepare thin films. To achieve this is imperative the management of these materials in a nanometric scale that allows their process. Therefore, it is vital to develop synthetic strategies on a bottom-up approach.

Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute
Funding Institution/Program: MICIU/AEI /10.13039/501100011033/Research Challenges 2019
Period: June 2020-May 2023
IPs IMDEA Energy: Dr. Victor de la Peña/Dr. Marta Liras