SIMBATT: Development of models for the techno-environmental assessment of the recycling of car batteries

Call for research funding in energy and environment 2019-2020 funded by Fundación Iberdrola España.

The main objective of this project will be to evaluate the environmental effects of VE battery recycling processes. For this, the following specific technical objectives are established:

1. Development of simulation models for battery recycling processes (mechanical, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical) for the evaluation of the environmental impact of said processes at optimal implementation scales.
2. Definition of various technological scenarios (process integration), for the global management of the different types of batteries (different “chemicals”).
3. Optimization of the processes, based on the models developed, aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint and the accumulated demand for energy.
4. Analysis of the life cycle of the recycling processes and determination of their contribution to the global environmental impact of the battery cycle, in different VE implementation scenarios.
Partners: IMDEA Energy Institute
Funding Institution/Program: Fundación Iberdrola España/Call for research funding in energy and environment 2019-2020
Period: September 2019-September 2020
Principal researcher: Enrique Medina (Tutor: Javier Dufour)