The Spanish Energy Storage Technology and Innovation Platform, BatteryPlat, held its 2023 General Assembly at the IMDEA Energy auditorium on December 19. During the Assembly, the members of the Platform’s Steering Group, whose president is Luis Santos, from EDP, its vice-president Jesús Palma, from IMDEA Energy, and Technical Secretary Francesco Gramendola, from Secartys, discussed the 2050 vision for energy storage, the taxonomy and state of the art report, the capabilities map, the inventory of projects, use cases and other topics, while the representative of the Administration, María Ángeles Ferre, from the State Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, presented the activities for the promotion of storage. The Assembly also discussed other initiatives and internal issues. The attendees, who represented companies of different sizes and research centers involved in energy storage using various technologies, had the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss issues of common interest during, before and after the meeting.