Final DRES2MARKET project meeting was held in IMDEA Energy on January 19th 2023. The principal objective of the meeting was to review the principal project outcomes, in particular the recommendations for future integration of renewable energy sources to electricity networks and also for their access to energy markets. Also, the preparations for the final dissemination event took place and the review of all the project financial aspects and the state of the project deliverables. Finally, the participants visited Smart Energy Integration Lab were they were presented with a real-time demonstration of the voltage control solutions for distribution networks. The demonstration was successful and it initiated discussions on several important issues related with the solutions for future electricity networks.

Final DRES2MARKET dissemination event took place in the IDAE’s main office in Madrid. The event attracted a significant interest from the renewable energy sector. The introductory talks were given by the Director of IDAE and the Director of OMIE explaining in detail the roadmap for the electricity sector and the integration of renewable technologies in the decades to come. Dr Milan Prodanovic presented the work performed by IMDEA Energy Institute with respect to the technical impacts of massive renewable integration and to the development of local flexibility markets.

About DRES2Market project

The DRES2Market project was launched in 2020, aiming to overcome the existing barriers (technology and regulatory framework) to achieve the integration of renewable technologies, based on issues such as technology assessment or analysis of existing grid codes and standards in European markets, relying on key partners for the integration of renewable energies in the system: balancing decision-makers; market operators; grid operators; technology solution providers; prosumers; retailers that can develop the role of aggregator; renewable energy actors; research and development (R&D) institutions and consultants with extensive experience in the integration of renewable energy into electricity systems.

Thus, together with IMDEA Energy Foundation, the members of the project include the Spanish Iberian Market Operator Hub (OMIE), the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), the consultancy firm Deloitte and the renewable electricity trader Gesternova.