How is the scientific and industrial sector facing the challenge of the energy transition and the circular economy?

To analyse it, this week at IMDEA Energía we have had the participation of key players from different institutions and companies in the framework of a conference on sustainable products and fuels.

After the opening of the event by the Director of IMDEA Energía, David Serrano Granados, who presented the centre and the main lines of research, scientific staff from IMDEA Energía and the Rey Juan Carlos University detailed advances and results in the processes of advanced catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulose and the valorisation of stillage and digestate in the UPGRES Project.

Estibaliz Castillo Ovejero, Senior Scientist in Circular Economy at Repsol, and Luis Alberto Sebastián González, Technical Director of Genia Bionergy, explained how the company works with bio-based waste and its integration in refinery processes, while Marisa Hernández Latorre, CEO of Ingelia, presented hydrothermal carbonisation to the audience.

For her part, Susana Pelegrin Preixens. Deputy Technical Director, FCC Ámbito, spoke about the importance of waste as raw materials, and Jesús María Lata Pérez, Technology Director at Sener, highlighted the role of technology in industrial processes.

The meeting ended with a round table discussion in which speakers and attendees resolved queries and debated ways to promote the technological, economic, energy, industrial and social challenge of moving towards a more sustainable society.