IMDEA Energy and Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) have signed a four-year agreement that establishes the basis for cooperation between the two institutions, setting out different activities and programmes.

This includes the exchange of research staff and students, the development of joint doctoral and master’s theses, collaborations in research projects, joint consultancies or the preparation and presentation of proposals for grants or contracts to obtain resources.

At the signing ceremony, held online on 11 January, both parties made presentations of their respective institutions and held talks and discussions. SSPU President Xie Huaqing stated that it is a pleasure to officially establish the cooperative relationship with IMDEA Energy, an international professional energy research institution with strong scientific and research capabilities.

For his part, the Director General of IMDEA Energy, David Serrano briefly introduced the history and characteristics of the Institute and stated that the cooperation between the two institutions will bring new opportunities and fruitful achievements.

Prof. Manuel Romero, Deputy Director of IMDEA Energy, and Prof. Wang Yuanyuan, Vice-Dean (Head) of the Faculty of Energy and Materials at SSPU, shared their suggestions on areas and patterns of cooperation. The event was also attended by relevant heads and professors from the International Office, the Research Administration Office and the School of Energy and Materials of SSPU.

IMDEA Energy is a public foundation under the Regional Government of the Community of Madrid, with the objective of promoting R&D activities in sustainable energy. Its ultimate goal is to achieve and transfer outstanding scientific and technological results that can contribute to the development of a carbon neutral energy system.

Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) is a public university that prides itself on its strengths in Engineering and well-coordinated development of disciplines in Management, Economics, Literature, Science and Arts. The university is committed to training innovative applied talents who are professional, responsible and international. SSPU strives to improve and strengthen its research capabilities and has taken various initiatives to achieve its educational and research excellence.