On September 8th IMDEA Energy was visited by managers and experts from the Department of Science and Technology of Zhejiang Province, ZDST, (China), together with technicians from CDTI’s Department of Foreign Technological Action. The objective of the visit was to explore opportunities for collaboration between the powerful network of research centers and innovative companies in the province of Zhejiang, which with more than 65 million inhabitants is among the four with the highest GDP in China and has an important network of research centers and an important innovative ecosystem, in projects that facilitate the energy transition, the circular economy, as well as in certain biomedical applications in which IMDEA Energy is a pioneer.

After the presentation of the mutual R&D capabilities, the previous experiences of collaboration between Chinese entities and IMDEA Energy and the discussion on specific opportunities for scientific and technical cooperation, a visit to the Institute’s laboratories and pilot plants took place.

The visit allows the initiation of stays and exchanges of researchers and the proposal of joint research projects.