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Thermochemical processes

Dr. David P. Serrano

Director of IMDEA Energy Institute & Head of Unit


Dr. Patricia Pizarro

Senior Associate Researcher


Dr. Javier Fermoso

Senior Assistant Researcher


Dr. Inés Moreno 

Senior Assistant Associate Researcher


In the Thermochemical Processes Unit we work with two main objectives:

Development of materials (mainly catalysts and redox solids) and thermochemical processes for the valorization of biomass, CO2 and solid wastes.

Development of sustainable biofilters from pyrolytic biochars for NOx adsorption.

Research lines 

  • Development of efficient thermochemical processes for the production of advanced biofuels and valuable chemical compounds from biomass wastes.
  • Development of efficient thermochemical processes for the valorization of plastic and other non-renewable organic wastes.
  • Valorization of pyrolysis biochars and their application as bio-filters for air decontamination (NOx) in urban environments


The infrastructures of the Thermochemical Processes Unit include a laboratory and a pilot plant for biomass production and conversion, as well as a variety of instrumental techniques and simulation and modelling tools that allow us to develop a set of capabilities and advance our research objectives.

R&D projects

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