The head of IMDEA Energía’s Systems Analysis Unit and professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Javier Dufour, has been chosen as part of the team of experts that make up the Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel.

After a rigorous selection process, the panel is composed of 15 distinguished experts from across Europe, and has two main missions:

  • To guide the integration of sustainability: the panel will work closely with the Clean Hydrogen Partnership to incorporate sustainability and circularity considerations at both the program and project level. This encompasses environmental, social and economic dimensions, ensuring a holistic approach to hydrogen innovation.
  • Knowledge dissemination: drawing on the expertise of its members, the panel will actively promote and disseminate knowledge to foster a culture of sustainability and circularity within our program and beyond, catalyzing broader transformation across the industry.

In this way, experts will spearhead a series of activities on sustainability and circularity across the entire hydrogen value chain addressing both program and project level considerations.
Their efforts will span environmental, social and economic dimensions, driving progress towards a more sustainable hydrogen economy organized in four working groups:

  • Hydrogen Production (TF1) -led by Dufour-.
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution (TF2)
  • Hydrogen end uses (TF3)
  • Cross-cutting issues (TF4)

Their collective expertise will be instrumental in shaping a sustainable, carbon-neutral future for hydrogen technologies, consolidating Europe’s position as a world leader in this fundamental environmental movement.