IMDEA Energy’s technology portfolio, of which a new updated publication has been produced, has been presented at the Transfiere 2024 Forum held in Malaga from March 20 to 22. As in previous editions, the Institute was present at the stand of the IMDEA network within the Community of Madrid Pavilion and at the stand of the SOMMa alliance of research centers with Severo Ochoa or María de Maeztu accreditation of excellence from the State Research Agency.

Those attending the Forum, from entities of various sectors and sizes, from small technology-based companies to large corporations, had the opportunity to learn about the new technologies developed and hold meetings to discuss in depth the transfer possibilities of those that aroused their interest to bring to market and expand the field of activity.

The Forum also provided an opportunity to share new developments, synergies and challenges with the technology platforms and other associations of which Institute IMDEA Energy is a member.