Distinguished Seminar: «Peptide-based materials for soft tissue repair»

Next 21st June at 16 we will hold a new Distinguished Seminar in the auditorium.

The speaker will be Dr. Emilio I. Alarcón , with the talk entitled «Peptide-based materials for soft tissue repair».


The field of tissue engineering and organ repair have seen an exponential increase in material candidates for organ and tissue repair. However, most of those materials use naturally occurring proteins as building backbones, which limits their clinical translation potential as well as the ability to precisely modify their chemical identity. In this talk, I will briefly describe the journey of my research team for producing peptide-based materials for repair of soft tissues including cornea, skin, and heart muscle.

Short Bio of  Dr. Emilio I. Alarcón

Dr. Alarcón’s research program works to redefine translational use of bio and nanomaterials in medicine, bridging fundamental and applied sciences such as
chemistry, mathematics, biochemistry, cell biology, and nanotechnology to the development of novel bionanomaterials for treating patients with failing organs and tissues.

Dr. Alarcóns work has been at the forefront, and continues to push the boundaries, of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He has published 100 peer-reviewed papers, most of which are in high quality journals with broad audiences (ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, Nature Communications, Science). Dr. Alarcon has an hindex of 32, +3,400 total citations, i10 = 62. He has also published a number of book chapters, and acted as a lead editor for two books, Silver Nanoparticles on Biomedicine: Silver Nanoparticle Applications: In the Fabrication and Design of Medical and Biosensing Devices,” 2015 (Springer), and “Nanoengineering Materials for Biomedical Uses,” 2019 (Springer Nature).

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This type of seminar is open to the participation of the public external to IMDEA Energy. A form has been set up so that those interested can register and attend.

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Jun 21 2023


16:00 - 18:00


Auditorio IMDEA Energía

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