Newcomers Seminar

Next May 26th at 12 noon we will hold a new session of the seminar for newcomers in the auditorium.

The first speaker will be Dr. David Sanz , from the Biotechnological Processes Unit, with the talk entitle «Metabolic engineering for bioplastics and biofuels production».

The second one will be Dr. Basharat Jamil, from the High-Temperature Processes, with the talk «Unlocking the potential of hydrogen production using smart computational algorithms».

Dr. David Sanz

Short Bio 

PhD in Molecular Biosciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2015-2020 in the group of Dr. Eduardo Díaz in the “Environmental Microbiology” department at the Center for Biological Research. Postdoctoral step 2020-2022 in the “Environmental Biotechnology” and “Microbial Systems and Protein Engineering” departments at the Center for Biological Research. Participation in 4 Spanish research projects and 4 European projects. Scientific publications: 3 research papers, 1 review, 1 chapter book and 1 patent.


«Metabolic engineering for bioplastics and biofuels production».

Metabolic engineering is the practice of optimizing genetic and regulatory processes within cells, using recombinant DNA technology, to increase the production of a certain substance. In this talk some examples of metabolic engineering will be shown to produce bioplastics or biofuels from different waste sources in order to revalorize them.

Dr. Basharat Jamil

Short Bio 

Basharat is presently a Postdoctoral researcher working with High-Temperature Processes Unit at IMDEA Energy Institute (Madrid). Previously, he was a Marie Sklodowska Curie Action GOT Energy Talent fellow working on the research line of Intelligent Energy Demand Estimation at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Mostoles). He has also worked at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Aligarh Muslim University of India in the capacity of Guest Faculty (2009-2012) and as an Assistant Professor from (2017 to 2020), and as Assistant Systems Engineer (T) with TATA Consultancy Services Limited, Kolkata, India (2008-2009). He holds a PhD degree in the area of Heat Transfer and Solar Energy. He has published a good number of articles in reputed energy journals including Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Desalination, Journal of Cleaner Production, Energy, etc., and have received over 1400 citations to date.


«Unlocking the potential of hydrogen production using smart computational algorithms»

The talk will consist of: personal background, education, work and employment, previous research and current research interests at IMDEA Energy Institute.

El evento está terminado.


May 26 2023


12:00 - 13:00


Auditorio IMDEA Energía

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